Centerpieces Styles that fit your personality! Centerpiece styles for your wedding


Centerpieces will set the theme and mood of your wedding. It is a great way to incorporate The type of atmosphere you want in your reception venue.

Who wouldn’t love a beautifully adorned table with an amazing wedding centerpiece that catches your guests eyes?

Without further adieu, Here are 8 centerpiece styles you should consider for your Reception theme.

Modern Centerpiece for your wedding

1. Modern

This Low Centerpiece brings a tropical touch and mixes desert succulent flowers in this modern glass free Terrarium.

Prefect for your wedding table decor.


Tall Centerpiece style 2. Tall

Tall Centerpieces creates a rich environment that will have your guests in awe.

There are many types such as large vases or pillars with flowers on top, the classic metal frame, or even miniature trees with orchids attached.


Rustic Centerpiece styles

3. Rustic


This centerpiece has treated log wedges with mason jars wrapped in burlap and lace along with zinnias and  fresh leaf twig cuttings.


Minimalist Centerpiece for your wedding

4. Minimalist

Choose some Interesting clear vases or jars with a tight opening and place fresh eucalyptus cuttings inside.

You can also use Bells of Ireland, Fiddlehead ferns, or Sword ferns. 


Lantern Centerpiece styles

5. Lantern

Lanterns add an elegantly rustic atmosphere, throw in some eucalyptus cuttings, some peach cabbage roses, and plain white roses and Voila!

A gorgeous centerpiece for your reception tables. 


Candle Light Hurricane Vase Centerpiece6. Candle Light

Floating candle centerpieces can be so incredibly elegant your guests will want to take them home! 

This Features hurricane vases with tulips, calla lilies, and lisianthus.


Eye Catching fish Centerpiece for your wedding

7. Eye Catching!

Adding an extra living creature to your centerpieces is a fun way of having your guests involved in your reception decor.

(Pro-Tip,  use beta fish instead of goldfish.) You can put sand or other types of rocks to line the bottom of your vase,

and fill your vase with whatever kind of plants you wish. Then at the end of the night have a guest at each table take home a Fish!

Harry Potter Centerpiece style8. Themed

You can do any type of themed centerpiece like Harry Potter, Mermaid, Dr. Who, Star Wars, or a Holiday to name a few.

This is a super fun way to show you and your partners personalities on your wedding day!

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