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Bella Tiamo was started by two artists that wanted to give couples more than a cookie cutter product.

What makes Bella Tiamo unique is the emphasis we put on YOU. With every phone call, meeting, questionnaire, we want to learn more about you, your spouse, your family, and your friends so we can tell the best LOVE STORY possible.

At Bella Tiamo we focus on QUALITY and not quantity, Because of this we limit ourselves to a set number of weddings a year. That way we can give 110% to YOU AND YOUR SPECIAL DAY.  

As photographers we would like to say that we will take the BEST photographs of you that have ever been taken, or that will ever be taken again. Unless you hire us again for an event in the future. Then those photographs will be the best. 😅

As filmmakers we want you to feel like a movie star in your wedding film. (minus the celebrity gossip and drama) When you watch you wedding video in 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, or 10 years we want that film to take you back to that day. Every thought, sight, sound, and emotion comes rushing back to you like you are reliving the wedding day all over again.

We are HELPERS AT HEART. One thing you will  notice is that we provide a lot of additional resources for you. After capturing hundreds and hundreds of weddings to date, we have a lot of experience to share with YOU. In doing so, our couples find planning their day a lot EASIER. Think of us as an extension to your wedding coordinator or planner. =)

When we are not behind the camera we love to travel, explore nature, spend time with family and close friends, scroll through our Instagram feed, watch the latest movie, educating others, or crying at a previous wedding edit. (Our couples are just so adorable!)

Bella Tiamo has many YEARS OF EXPERIENCE with a variety of wedding types.

When you book with Bella Tiamo you know you ‘re getting a highly trained professional photographer and videographer.


Enough about us. LET’S TALK ABOUT YOU.

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One of the things I loved most is that I never felt like I was a burden to their team. Regardless of how many times I had questions, or how many times I wanted to reach out to confirm details for our big day, Travis and his team ALWAYS set aside time to respond to my questions via email, or even offered to set up a phone call to talk through whatever I needed during the planning process! It honestly made things SO stress-free and I had NO doubts that their team would execute things perfectly on our wedding day, and that’s exactly what happened! 🙌