It’s so nice to meet you!

What makes Bella Tiamo unique is the emphasis we put on you. With every phone call, meeting, conversation, we want to learn more about you, your spouse, your family, and your friends so we can tell the best love story possible.

At Bella Tiamo, we focus on quality, not quantity. Because of this we limit ourselves to a set number of weddings a year. That way we can give 110% to you and your special day.

When we are not behind the camera we love to travel, explore nature, spend time with family and close friends, scroll through our Instagram feed, watch the latest movie, educating others, or crying at a previous wedding edit.

Enough about us. Let's talk about you.



The couple That will Be Telling Your Story

As a husband and wife team, we've developed a special dynamic that is hard to find in a solo shooter (or two videographers who have never worked together before).

Our relationship started around the same time that Bella Tiamo began back in 2011. A few years and a wedding later, Emily went from being the tag-along on a wedding day to a crucial part of the Bella Tiamo Team.

We are never duplicating each others shots or getting in the way of each other -- working as a well-oiled team that compliments each others strengths.

Working so efficiently allows us to provide the best service, create an amazing film, and offer a stress-free environment on wedding day.

What Travis Loves About Emily

Emily is the kind of person that you always want to be around. Her smile is contagious and lights up a room. She is so similar to me yet totally opposite and helps me slow down when I am moving too quickly. I love the way she helps me appreciate the little things in life.

Emily is a total Jesus Freak and that shows in the way she cares for others. The way she remembers to pray for people every day blows my mind. She’s giddy and a little crazy, but that's what makes her so fun to be around.

She’s encouraging. She inspires me to try new things. She loves sweets. She loves Mexican food. She plays video games. She is willing to help at all times. She’s my best friend and the person that I am thankful I get to do life with.

Travis's Favorite Part of Wedding Day:
The moment when the bride and groom see each other for the first time. It is like their eyes lock onto each other and there is no one else around them. I also love it when the groom cries since I was a crying groom!

What Emily Loves About Travis
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"When there is collaboration, wonderful things can happen."


They say, "teamwork makes the dream work." In this case, the dream is your wedding day. We (Travis and Emily) may be the foundation of Bella Tiamo, but we would be nothing without the team we have built around us.

Our experienced and passionate team of videographers has been helping couples tell their love stories for more than a decade. Together, we work behind the scenes to capture every meaningful memory from your day.

When you book with Bella Tiamo, you know you're getting  highly-trained professionals who care about you and delivering a polished finished product.

- Travis & Emily

Travis and Emily BTS


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"I never felt like I was a burden to their team. Regardless of how many times I had questions, or how many times I wanted to reach out to confirm details for our big day, Travis and his team always set aside time to respond to my questions. It honestly made things so stress-free. I had no doubts that their team would execute things perfectly on our wedding day, and that’s exactly what happened! 🙌"

"We met Bella Tiamo at a wedding we attended in 2016. My husband and I weren’t even engaged at the time, but we talked about how this is the best videography we have ever seen! The same-day edit blew us out of the water, and couldn’t believe that something so amazing could be made in such a short amount of time. Fast forward to our engagement, they were one of the first vendors we hired."

"Travis and his team were beyond accommodating and are great at picking out locations for pictures from our engagement session to our wedding day. The team was always quick to respond, was very involved in our planning process, and make sure everything went flawlessly!"

"During our wedding reception, we had numerous guests come up to us and ask about our photography and videography. Everyone (including ourselves) absolutely loved the same-day edit. It is such a great thing to have to share with your new spouse and your guests at the reception."

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