2019 Wedding Videography Highlight Reel

Anything Is Possible

Every year I sit down and put together a highlight of our previous year. When I do this edit I do this just for the couples. I also do it for myself.
Yes this video is meant to be a CELEBRATION of the AWESOME WEDDINGS we got to be a part of and the people who made those weddings a reality. But I also edit this together so I can reflect on what kind of year it was.
To fully take in just how AWESOME it is to have this job where we get to create something that is more than a video.
We are not just documenting a life event. WE ARE CREATING A FAMILY HEIRLOOM.
Something that will out live everyone who attended the wedding.
Something that will be passed on from generation to generation.
Something that people will go back to and say “remember how funny dad’s toast was?”
“Remember when we convinced Grandma to go on the dance floor”
Remember when I had more hair” …okay that’s the one I ask when I watch my own wedding film. =)
First and foremost this highlight is for the COUPLES.
THE COUPLES who’s wedding we filmed in 2019.
The COUPLES who’s wedding we filmed years ago.
The COUPLES who’s weddings we haven’t filmed yet.
BUT I also create this for MYSELF. I create this as a way for me to stop and reflect on the awesome job I have. How THANKFUL I am that God has blessed me with a way to use my talent to bless others. To create something that is a CENTERPIECE IN THEIR MARRIAGE. So for when those hard times come for a couple…they can stop…sit down together and rewatch their wedding film. While doing so they will remember that SPARK that brought them together in the first place and fall in LOVE with each other all over again. -Travis
Music Credit: Louis III Anything is Possible 
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Wow because this is excellent work! Congrats and keep it up.

I treasure the details on your web site. Much thanks.

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