We are always thrilled when a couple decides to swap letters with each other on their wedding day.

First things first…Letter Exchanges…what are they and why are we such big fans of couples doing this?
Writing letters to your spouse and exchanging them is a great way to infuse some of your personality into your wedding film.
I always love when couples write letters to each other for the wedding day. If you choose to write letters, we definitely need to set aside a few minutes in a quiet place for me to record audio of you reading the letter you wrote. This personal addition to your video, and hearing from both of you adds depth to the story. We can also include video footage of each of you reading your respective card to show while we hear them! One note, make sure you keep a copy of the letter you wrote, whether that’s a digital copy of the text, or a picture of the letter, that way you can have it easily on-hand for the audio recording. We don’t want the best man or maid of honor running around trying to find your letter! =)

Looking for more examples? Here is a wedding that includes a letter exchange: You Still Have My Heart Skipping A Beat

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