"Our short film brought me to tears, I was so overwhelmed by the quality and beauty of their work. I wish we had more events to film so that they could capture it for us <3" - Sarah

Let Us Tell Your Love Story

We use techniques similar to ones you would find in a movie or T.V. show. High-end cameras that excel in low light situations, stabilized tools for smooth movement, and a drone for aerial footage are just a few of the many tools we use to craft your film. The best part is we do all this while still remaining non intrusive with our “fly on the wall” technique. Our editing is award winning and the glue that brings the audio and visuals together into a video for you to cherish for years to come.


From crayons and paper as a child to a professional filmmaker as an adult. I have been on all sides of art. Ever since graduating with a degree in media art I have been working hard on a wide variety of projects. This has allowed me to not only be fully capable in video production, but also in animation, photography, design, and more! I get a lot of enjoyment out of working on teams with other creative individuals, and coming up with brilliant ideas. Even though I have been able to work with some awesome companies for commercial work, nothing compares to how passionate I get about capturing a couple’s wedding day.

Favorite Part of the Wedding Day: My favorite part of the day is that moment when the groom sees his soon to be bride walking down the isle. The emotion in the room gets me every time!

Travis Heberling