The Importance of Videography

Do I REALLY need a videographer?

We conducted a poll in a wedding Facebook group asking married couples “What is your number 1 regret about your wedding?” The amount of replies that said we regret not getting video was astonishing.
Photos are important and serve their purpose, but there is something SPECIAL and SURREAL about reliving your wedding day 1 year, 5 years, 30 years later in a video.
What is even crazier is your wedding video will outlive everyone that was at the wedding. Your wedding film can be one of the family heirlooms that is passed down from generation to generation.
This is why we take our videography SERIOUSLY. To us videography is not an add on that your photographer offers. Its not something that you let Uncle Bob capture on his phone.
So remove the appetizers, down size on the cake, do whatever you need to do to make a video for your wedding day a necessity. Please don’t regret not having someone there to FILM YOUR SPECIAL DAY. 😊
"Our short film brought me to tears, I was so overwhelmed by the quality and beauty of their work. I wish we had more events to film so that they could capture it for us <3"
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The Couple That Will Be Telling Your Story

Travis and Emily’s relationship started around the same time that Bella Tiamo began back in 2011. A few years and a wedding later Emily went from being the tag along on a wedding day to a crucial part of the Bella Tiamo Team. A husband and wife team has a special dynamic that is hard to find in a solo shooter, or 2 videographers who have never worked together before.
 We are never duplicating each others shots or getting in the way of each other. We are working as a well oiled team complimenting each others strengths.
Working so efficiently allows us to provide the best service, create an amazing film, and create a stress-free environment on the wedding day.
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What Travis Loves About Emily
She is the kind of person that you always want to be around. Her smile is contagious and lights up a room. She is so similar to me yet totally opposite. She helps me slow down when I am moving too quickly. She helps me appreciate the little things in life. She’s a total Jesus Freak and that shows in the way she cares for others. The way she remembers to pray for people every day blows my mind. She’s giddy and a little crazy, but thats what makes her so fun to be around. She’s encouraging. She inspires me to try new things. She loves sweets. She loves Mexican food. She plays video games. She is willing to help at all times. She’s my best friend and the person that I am thankful I get to do life with.
Favorite Part of the Wedding Day: The moment when the bride and groom see each other for the first time. It is like their eyes lock onto each other and there is no one else around them. I also love it when the groom cries since I was a crying groom! 😂
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What Emily Loves About Travis
He’s the kind of guy you can always count on, in any situation. He is an amazing leader and isn’t afraid to take charge if he needs too. He springs out of bed in the morning like a bungee cord instantly ready for the day. He kisses me goodbye every time he leaves. He surprises me with hugs when I’m doing the dishes. He is a natural winner. He is super easy going. He is a great example of loving the Lord with all his heart and loving others as himself. He inspires me to be a better person. He loves to travel together, even if its just to the local park to play pickle ball or a walk around the block. We can have a good time together wherever we go and whatever we do. Hes the most amazing guy I’ve ever known & He’s my Best Friend.
Favorite Part of the Wedding Day: When the daddy gets to dance with his daughter. It’s such a special moment to me since my father passed away. It brings me back to my wedding day every time. 💘

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