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Story Driven Wedding Videography to help you relive the mood and feeling.

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What makes Bella Tiamo unique is the emphasis we put on you. With every phone call, meeting, and questionnaire, we want to learn more about you, your spouse, family, and friends so together we can tell the best love story possible.

We focus on quality, not quantity. Because of this, we limit ourselves to a set number of weddings a year. That way we can give 110% of our focus to you.

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  • Mom helping you get ready
  • Dad seeing the dress for the first time
  • Locking eyes at the ceremony
  • Grandma trying to bust a move on the dance floor.

These are just some of the many moments that evoke a special kind of EMOTION.

While Photography captures a moment in time, Videography brings back all the "FEELS".

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Months, possibly even years of planning will go by in a BLINK of an EYE.  Thanks to video your wedding doesn't need to be just a long lost memory. We often call it "DAY DREAMING" when a couple watches their wedding film, because truly is like reliving the wedding day you always dreamed of....again....and again...and again.

As filmmakers we want you to feel like a movie star in your wedding film. (minus the celebrity gossip and drama) When you watch you wedding video in 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, or 10 years we want that film to take you back to that day. Every thought, sight, sound, and emotion comes rushing back to you like you are reliving the wedding day all over again.



Let's get real here for a minute....

  • Our time is limited.
  • One day our time will come.
  • But a piece of our legacy can live on wit video.

This is the key reason why we believe video is not a LUXURY, but a NECESSITY. Your wedding film will outlive you and everyone who is in it. That is why we believe a wedding film is PRICELESS.



If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a moving picture worth? You'll relive your day year-after-year through a short film that tells your story and details every small element of your wedding.

Wow your guests with a short film to show at your reception, made and mixed during your ceremony and the routines leading up to the vows.



Bella Tiamo was started by two artists that wanted to give couples more than a "cookie cutter" product. We’ve been capturing  weddings in Chicago and worldwide since 2011 and believe that elegance is found in the simple.

Regardless whether you’re getting married in a luxurious venue or in the middle of a breathtaking, golden meadow, we’ll be there to capture each memory.


"I never felt like I was a burden to their team. Regardless of how many times I had questions, or how many times I wanted to reach out to confirm details for our big day, Travis and his team always set aside time to respond to my questions. It honestly made things so stress-free. I had no doubts that their team would execute things perfectly on our wedding day, and that’s exactly what happened! 🙌"

"We met Bella Tiamo at a wedding we attended in 2016. My husband and I weren’t even engaged at the time, but we talked about how this is the best videography we have ever seen! The same-day edit blew us out of the water, and couldn’t believe that something so amazing could be made in such a short amount of time. Fast forward to our engagement, they were one of the first vendors we hired."

"Travis and his team were beyond accommodating and are great at picking out locations for pictures from our engagement session to our wedding day. The team was always quick to respond, was very involved in our planning process, and make sure everything went flawlessly!"

"During our wedding reception, we had numerous guests come up to us and ask about our photography and videography. Everyone (including ourselves) absolutely loved the same-day edit. It is such a great thing to have to share with your new spouse and your guests at the reception."

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